Who are the Teams to Watch for in the Final Weeks of NA LCS

The final weeks of League of Legends’ spring competitive league LCS (League of Legends Championship Series) is upon us. So far this season, we have seen everything, from dominant teams of Immortals, to teams in position to get relegated back to the challenger scene such as Team Dignitas and Team Renegades. Take a look at the teams ready to make some moves in the standings in the final two weeks of the season!

Counter Logic Gaming

CLG was looking very good heading into IEM Katowice, with a two win week that included a win over then undefeated Immortals. Their weaknesses were exposed, however, when they came to IEM and could not take a single series. Other teams discovered that, despite them having a strong early game, CLG has shot calling problems when it comes to the mid game, and have problems closing out victories. Will they be able to return to their LCS form? Or will their exposed weaknesses prove to be too much to overcome?

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 has been on a role this season ever since making team captain and support player Hai the starting support. It shows how much Hai is needed on this team, as Cloud 9 without Hai look lost and unable to perform well. The world renowned shot caller has taken his team back to form and Cloud 9 looks almost as good as their Season 3 and 4 team, when they were one of the best teams in the world. They still do have underlying weaknesses though, which show in their 9-5 record. Jungler Rush seems too aggressive at times, and it tends to cost them in decisive moments. There is no doubt though that Cloud 9 is a top four team in NA this season, and that should continue through the final weeks.

Team Solomid

This season has been disappointing, to say the least, for TSM. With the addition of four new members (Top Laner Hauntzer, Jungler Svenskeren, AD Carry Doublelift, and Support Yellowstar) they were expected to be the top dogs of NA, an unstoppable force. TSM has been anything but that. Their bot lane duo seems to be constantly out of sync. Their shot calling has been sub par at best. They just haven’t performed well as a team, until last weekend at IEM. Last weekend, they showed more promise then, than at any part of the season, making it out of groups and finally displaying a sign of excellence. If TSM looks to be a real contender for 1st in NA, they will need to bring that performance back to the LCS stage.

Echo Fox

Echo Fox has had a very unfortunate season. Coming into the season they looked to be a middle of the pack team, and that has shown. With star players Froggen and KFO unable to join the team for most of the season, the team looked set to be a bottom of the standings team. Their record was tied for worst in the league coming into week 5, with a 1-6 record. Week 5 is when things started to get interesting though, when they finally were able to play with their full lineup. The team made a complete 180 and spun off four wins in a row, bringing them to 5-7. Despite the two losses in week 7 (to Immortals and TSM), the team looks set to make a run to the playoffs in the last two weeks. As long as AD Carry Keith and Top Laner KFO keep up their strong performances, they will be a forced to be reckoned with in the NA LCS.

Matches to look out for

Week 8

Echo Fox v Counter Logic Gaming

Week 9

Immortals v. Team Solomid

Cloud 9 v. Echo Fox

Standings (as of 3/8/16)

  1. Immortals (13-1)
  2. Counter Logic Gaming (10-4)
  3. Cloud 9 (9-5)
  4. Team Solomid (8-6)
  5. NRG Esports (7-7)
  6. Team Liquid (7-7)
  7. Team Impulse (5-9)
  8. Echo Fox (5-9)
  9. Team Dignitas (4-10)
  10. Renegades (2-12)

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