The Best Retro Game I Played: Influential Gaming's 2016 Review

We don't just play the latest and greatest video games on the market. We also play the old games that your pappy played when he was a lad. Though, with the best retro game choice this year, I doubt your father played on a Sega Master System in the late 1980's. Out of all the games this year that I got for retro systems, one still stands out in my mind as a game I keep wanting to return to. Yes, I bought games like Mega Man Battle Network and enjoyed them just fine, but I forgot I even bought that game this year. What it boils down to was the impression it left. I couldn't begin to describe the amount of positive first impressions Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap left. I even started a review of it, but I never had the time finish the game. I heard they were doing a remake, so I had to try the original on for size, and it's one of the greatest games I ever played. The more I played, the better it got, sucking me deeper into the game without any road blocks hitting me in the face. Few games can do that, one being Undertale off the top of my head. My new years resolution this year will be to finish this game, as well as getting into the others in the series. I'll gush my opinions at you in my full Dragon's Trap review.

My best retro game I played in 2016: Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap

What's the best retro game you played this year? Let us know, below!

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