Game Of The Year: Influential Gaming's 2016 Review

The game of the year for me has been a tough, tough choice. I haven't played a whole lot of new games this year, as few things really piqued my interest. Another Call Of Duty, another Battlefield, another Dark Souls, another Uncharted, another Watch Dogs, it all sort of blended together. What few endeavors I took into the world of AAA were mostly fruitless, with things like Uncharted and No Man's Sky. Nintendo wasn't doing a whole lot better in general, and while I found most of their offerings fun, nothing was game of the year material. ReCore might have just made it if I played it more often, but I don't think I played enough of it to hold a decent conversation, let alone announce it as my number one of the year. Games like Gravity Rush Remastered and Rez Infinite were the highlight of my year, but I don't count remakes and re-releases as GOTY material either, as they were games that already existed and were loved before this year. I've been in a bind.

So then I asked myself "Which game came out this year that I'm still thinking about?". And there's a few of those, but one stood out to me as the one that deserved to be there. One game that I felt did its thing with the most passion and effort, entertained me the most, and reminded me why games are the best medium out there. From our third party developers of the year, Playdead's Inside still makes me think about what a beautiful industry we are a part of. An industry where this small, dark game can be considered just as important as this years Call Of Duty or Battlefield, or Dark Souls, or Uncharted or Watch Dogs. Where creativity is still shining through, even in the smallest of studios. Thank You Playdead, for the best game of the year

My Game Of The Year: Inside

What's yours? Let us know, below!

And thank you all for a fantastic 2016. In every way we can say this, you are all the greatest people on the face of the Earth. Here's to a fantastic 2017, 2018, 2019, and every moment we breathe afterwards!

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