A Comfort In Crisis

A friend recently told me that this is to be our generations major world altering event. He is right. It's hard to see the Coronavirus as anything but a catastrophe that reaches every facet of our lives, with arms grabbing for every dollar, public official, and lest we forget, rolls of toilet paper. It seems like the world is to stop turning for once. For this site, it means the releases are dwindling and the jobs are unstable. For us, it means the streets are quiet, and the walls do not waiver.

The love of my life organized some of the mess that is my video game collection, and put discs that had evaded their cases in a stack for me to sort through. It was in this stack that I was lucky to find something we all value more in these uncertain times: a comfort in this crisis. For me, it was Sonic Adventure 2 on the Dreamcast.

I ask that you stow any comments about the game itself. That's not what it means to me, nor is it the reason I decided to write this piece. I wanted to write this to share the comfort this game brings. 94 hours of playing and replaying stages in the late 2000's and early 2010's with my best friend, all for 180 Emblems. A badge of honor that I thought impossible for myself. It's a game that represents, in my mind, the dissipation of my fear of the impossible. I looked up videos about Green Hill years before I ever unlocked it, thinking it was impossible for someone who wasn't great at video games to achieve. I was proven wrong.

I stopped organizing the moment I saw it, scrambled for the black VMU I had dedicated to the game, and popped it in. I realized that even though I 100%'d the game on paper, I never actually got three A ranks. The fourth and fifth missions in Cannon's Core sit at E, and I knew I had not finished Green Hill with an A rank (despite the game itself never keeping track of that stat). So I sat down and tried to perfect any of those missions. I tried and tried and tried again, but I just couldn't seem to make the time and score needed to truly beat these missions. Not that my failures make me any less determined to try again. Sonic Adventure 2, despite it all, makes me feel that way. When the world gets harder to live in, there is joy in a nostalgic game that reminds you of a challenge you overcame.

Video games themselves are a comfort, as they always have been. While their future is uncertain, the comfort they have brought us is a candle in that night. So I ask of my readers, what is your video game comfort? Let us know, below.

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