• Influential Gaming Stands By Justice For George Floyd

    Inequality comes in all forms. Normally, this website has a focus on inequality in the form of divisive video game industry practices. But let’s make way for a much larger issue than any one of us. The inequality that has haunted this country and the world at large for far too long. We all need to hear this, as many times as it takes.

    I commend the efforts of Sony, Microsoft, EA, IGN, Gamespot, and every other company related to the game industry for trying to point the focus at this movement. It may not be my place, as a video game journalist with no background in politics or race relations, to be making a detailed statement such as this. I could very well just show my support and continue my work as normal. But more voices need to be heard, and I will toss in whatever my opinion is worth into that chorus. Because I will not be complicit in standing by to tyranny, not now and not ever.

    I will instead be complicit in standing by the family of George Floyd, who was murdered by the police that swore to protect him. I will be guilty of showing my support to all of the honorable men and women who are going out to protest not just in my home of Cincinnati, but across the USA and the world. I will be held accountable, in a court of law if it comes to it, for wanting everyone to see friends and strangers as equal regardless of what gift they were born with. I will not waiver to any force that stands between the people and a democratic republic that represents their interests. It is that simple.

    This is blatant injustice and needs to be dealt with, by the citizens who have a duty to uphold this nations ideals. So let’s do it.

    I urge you, if you haven’t already, to check these out:

    • Please sign this petition to hold the Minnesota Police and Derek Chauvin accountable for their actions

    • You can donate to the National Bail Fund Network to help arrested protestors with their bail in their respective cities. The link provided should take you to a directory for the cities as well as a COVID-19 emergency rapid response fund.

    • I also urge you to show your support in any way you can, be it showing up for a protest if you are feeling safe, or donating supplies, or just helping with the clean up effort in your city.

    Thank you, and let’s hope for a brighter future for all of us.

    (Nick Miller is a video game historian and collector based in Cincinnati. You can reach him at [email protected])

    Posted by Nick Miller.
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